R. R. Burgess

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The codon preference plot is useful for locating genes in sequenced DNA, predicting the relative level of their expression and for detecting DNA sequencing errors resulting in the insertion or deletion of bases within a coding sequence. The three possible reading frames are displayed in parallel along with the open reading frames and plots of the location(More)
This paper describes the construction of 18 cloned bacteriophage T7 late promoters with single point mutations. In vitro transcription experiments were used to characterize the properties of these promoters. Since the mutated promoters are cloned into identical backgrounds, differences seen in the transcription assays are directly attributable to the point(More)
We describe a program for the analysis of protein secondary structure that operates with the Sequence Analysis Software Package of the University of Wisconsin Genetics Computer Group (UWGCG). The program produces both graphic and printed output. Structure prediction using the Chou and Fasman and Robson et al methods, and hydropathy analysis by the method of(More)
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