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On the basis of measurements on fresh human brains (n = 33), changes in size of the brain stem which occurred as a result of formalin fixation and embedding in paraffin were quantified and converted into linear correction factors. In contrast to the known changes in the cerebrum, the formalin fixation did not result in a 'positive formalin effect', but left(More)
The facial nerve is monitored intra-operatively using electromyography to identify and prevent damage during the excision of an acoustic neurinoma. In order to determine whether a profound level of peripheral neuromuscular blockade could be achieved without compromising facial electromyographic monitoring, 11 patients undergoing resection of acoustic(More)
Advances in neuroscience require better anatomical knowledge of neuronal architecture and structural details. Optimal embedding techniques are the basis for precise morphometric studies in section series as well as for the evaluation of tissue specimens or implants of differing hardness. There are very few methods for preparing large specimens by resin(More)
OBJECT The goal of this study was to determine the biocompatibility of polyester mesh electrode carriers for auditory brainstem implants with and without adhesives in a rat model. METHODS Physical properties of the meshes were evaluated within the fourth ventricle region, both without (Group A) and with adhesives (muscle, Group B; oxidized regenerated(More)
STATE OF THE ART The surgical placement of auditory brainstem implants to stimulate the cochlear nuclear region in patients with acquired bilateral retrocochlear deafness allows limited restitution of hearing. However, there have been few studies on the topographical relations in the target region, particularly the floor of the IVth ventricle. TOPIC OF(More)
The comprehensive assessment of a frontal lobe injury is one of the most complex problems in diagnosis and treatment due to the variability of nature, extent and effect of various disorders of higher cerebral functions, i. e. impairment of the ability to act systematically, attention, motivation and emotionality. This brings about considerable differences(More)
OBJECT The development of appropriate methods to stimulate the dorsal and ventral cochlear nucleus by means of an auditory brainstem implant in patients with acquired bilateral anacusis requires a detailed topoanatomical knowledge both of the location and extension of the nuclear surface in the fourth ventricle and lateral recess and of its variability. The(More)
The use of an object-oriented data base is required to successfully accomplish the phased integration of diverse design tools and data used during the design process. In this paper, we discuss the requirements for such a data base and present an interface which satisfies these requirements. Furthermore, we show how the Cadlab implementation of this(More)
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