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Micro array technologies have become a widespread research technique for biomedical researchers to assess tens of thousands of gene expression values simultaneously in a single experiment. Micro array data analysis for biological discovery requires computational tools. In this research a novel two-dimensional hierarchical clustering is presented. From the(More)
Today, DNA microarray technology is the most widely employed functional genomics approach in the bioinformatics domain. Disclosing the patterns masked in gene expression data provides an opportunity for an enhanced comprehension of functional genomics. But, the large number of genes and the intricate biological networks has greatly increased the challenges(More)
Microarrays are one of the most recent ameliorations in experimental molecular biology. Handling and analysis of microarray data is a most challenging task. The cluster analysis is one of the important high level analysis techniques, often exploited for microarray data analysis. As proteins usually related with different groups of proteins in order to(More)
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