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UNLABELLED Analysis of anterior cervical microforaminotomy performed at the North Staffordshire University Hospital along with a review of literature of this minimally invasive procedure is presented. METHODS A retrospective-prospective study was performed on 34 patients (24 males, 10 females) with cervical disc disease who had been surgically treated(More)
OBJECT The authors sought to determine whether the increased pulsatility of aneurysms, compared with normal intracranial arteries, on color "power" transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound was due to a true change in aneurysm size and whether aneurysm dimensions change with intracranial pressure (ICP). METHODS The authors studied nine patients who had(More)
  • R. Price
  • British journal of neurosurgery
  • 2002
A comparison study is presented, which examines the outcome, complications and cost of stereotactic brain biopsy performed with a frameless versus a frame-based method. The technique of frameless stereotactic biopsy has been shown previously, in both laboratory and in vivo studies, to achieve a level of accuracy at least equal to frame-based biopsy. The(More)
Normal spino-pelvic values for patients with lumbarization of S1 have not been described in the literature. Presented are the normal values for this population group, the prevalence of S1 lumbarization, and the correlation between pelvic incidence (PI) and lumbar lordosis (LL) in this group. Two databases of asymptomatic patients were combined to identify(More)
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