R. Pravin Kumar

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The most commonly used coder for producing good quality speech at rates below 10 kbits/s is code excited linear prediction (CELP). In this time domain analysis-by-synthesis coder, the excitation signal is chosen by attempting to match the reconstructed speech waveform as closely as possible to the original speech waveform by searching through a large vector(More)
Zoning is one of the popular methods used for the optical character recognition of documents. In this paper the zoning approach is used for recognition of printed Kannada numerals. The input scanned document image containing printed Kannada numerals is binarized. The noise present in the document in the form of tiny dots is eliminated. The row segmentation(More)
Language identification is an important pre-processing step for any Natural Language Processing task. Kannada Language is an Indian Language and lot of research is being carried out on Kannada Language Processing. Major parts of online documents like websites are combination of Kannada and English Sentences. Language Identification is a preprocessing step(More)
Document polarity detection is a part of sentiment analysis where a document is classified as a positive polarity document or a negative polarity document. The applications of polarity detection are content filtering and opinion mining. Content filtering of negative polarity documents is an important application to protect children from negativity and can(More)
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