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Commentary 12. WHO Consultative Group. The relation between acute persisiting paralysis and poliomyelitis vaccine (oral): results of a WHO enquiry. The relation between acute persisiting spinal paralysis and poliomyelitis vaccine. Results of a ten-year enquiry.associated paralytic poliomyelitis in India during 1999: decreased risk despite massive use of(More)
This paper presents a novel method to detect surface defects of an apple using RGB images and apples are graded based on these identified defects. We only consider the outer surface to grade the apples. The method starts with background removal and region of interest (ROI) selection using grow-cut method; this is followed by multi-threshold segmentation. We(More)
In this paper we have proposed user feedback driven Information retrieval model. The proposed model assigns weights to the retrieved documents based on its context. The documents are re-ranked based on the user profile and his feedback. Proposed Information retrieval system uses vector space model and expert system. Need for user profile and relevance of(More)
BACKGROUND Neuraxial anesthesia greatly expands the anesthesiologist armamentarium, providing alternatives to general anesthesia, especially in the lower abdominal surgeries. Clonidine, an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, has a variety of actions, including potentiation of effects of local anesthetics. This study was undertaken to assess the degree of sensory(More)
Recently, with an increasing demand on security biometric personal identification has been receiving extensive attention. Among many biometrics techniques, iris recognition is one of the most promising approached due to its high reliability. This paper present a robust iris recognition technique based on orientation field. Initially the eye images have been(More)
Engaging employees is one of the top five most important challenges for management, according to a survey of 656 chief executive officers (CEOs) from countries around the world (Wah 1999). Employee engagement has become a hot topic in recent years among consulting firms and in the popular business press. However, employee engagement has rarely been studied(More)
Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is an ill defined clinical condition that has no universally accepted diagnostic criteria. Mini mental state examination (MMSE) is widely used as a brief objective assessment of cognitive function and as a measure of changes in cognitive status [1]. A Hindi version of MMSE (HMSE) is widely used for illiterate Hindi(More)