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The emergence of knowledge-intensive society has changed the nature of business competition. Knowledge management becomes an important managerial task and formulating a sound innovation strategy is an integral part of strategic management. Adopting an institution-based view, this article argues that the institutional environment in the Asia Pacific region(More)
How do firms make strategic choices in response to institutional transitions? The literature suggests that with more market-oriented institutional transitions, firms may move from relational exchanges to arm's-length transactions. However, it remains unclear under what circumstances such strategic transitions would occur. We develop a model to predict that(More)
As your proud Editor-in-Chief, I am pleased to inform you that the Asia Pacific Journal of Management has been accepted for inclusion in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). We received this great news in August 2008, as APJM celebrated our 25th anniversary (and the world celebrated the 29th Olympic Games, which, of course, took place in Asia at that(More)
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