R. Pierluissi

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Growth hormone injected intravenously in the rat elicited a 6-fold spike change in immunoreactive insulin with little variation in glucose. Subcutaneous administration of growth hormone for 4 days augmented by 56% the insulin-secretory response to glucose of isolated islets from hypophysectomised rats but not the response of control rat islets. When islets(More)
The effects on islet function of addition to the culture medium of rat growth hormone was studied in 4-day cultured islets of Langerhans from normal and hypophysectomised rats. In islets from hypophysectomised rats, rates of insulin release were 34% lower than in control rat islets; rates of insulin plus proinsulin and total protein biosynthesis were also(More)
Rat islets of Langerhans were maintained for 2 days in tissue culture. Following the culture period, the insulin secretory responses of the islets on incubation in bicarbonate medium were measured. The enkephalin analogue D-ala2, MePhe4, Met(0)-ol (DAMME), 8.3×10-8mol/l, augmented insulin release stimulated by glucose (5 or 7 mmol/l) by 76% and 47%(More)
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