R. Perez

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Many physiologic differences between children and adults may result in age-related changes in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Factors such as gastric pH and emptying time, intestinal transit time, immaturity of secretion and activity of bile and pancreatic fluid among other factors determine the oral bioavailability of pediatric and adult(More)
—Earth Observation with optical satellites is a key field in the space sector. In the last decade optical satellites technologically evolved to increase the resolution of the images recorded of the Earth surface. These systems acquire massive data from Earth recordings, and traditional data centers present some limitations. Cloud computing can overcome(More)
New automation technologies are introducing important changes in company production organization in all sectors, and particularly, in yarn textile factories. As a result of these changes, the product moves automatically from the point where production begins to the point where it is packed, without human intervention. Thus, the generation of any flaw in the(More)
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