R. Peng

B. P. Xie1
M. G. Nielsen1
H. C. Xu1
D. A. Chareev1
J. Offenberg1
1B. P. Xie
1M. G. Nielsen
1H. C. Xu
1D. A. Chareev
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FeSe layer-based superconductors exhibit exotic and distinctive properties. The undoped FeSe shows nematicity and superconductivity, while the heavily electron-doped KxFe2-ySe2 and single-layer FeSe/SrTiO3 possess high superconducting transition temperatures that pose theoretical challenges. However, a comprehensive study on the doping dependence of an FeSe(More)
Pleometrosis (colony founding by multiple queens) may improve life history characteristics that are important for early colony survival. When queens unite their initial brood, the number of workers present when incipient colonies open may be higher than for single queen colonies. Further, the time until the first worker emerges may shorten. For territorial(More)
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