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Part C of the guideline is preceded by Part B General Pharmacology IJCPT. 2008; 46: 600 - 617. Included in Part C are practical guidelines for improving the therapy of some age-specific diseases and problems commonly encountered in general practice. The article in this issue is dedicated to the therapy of Dementia and M. Parkinson. Further guidelines for(More)
Physiological changes in old age: loss of muscle mass; reduction in bone mass; percentage of fat increased; lower amount of body water; lack of thirst; diminishing kidney function (caution: sufficient intake of fluids: 1.5-2 l and moderate intake of protein 8 g/kg body weight); reduced secretion of digestive enzymes, delayed emptying of stomach (which means(More)
This article contains the 4th part of the Pharmacotherapy Guidelines for the Aged by Family Doctors for Family Doctors. Part 4 is dedicated to fecal incontinence and chronic constipation. The diagnostic categories are divided according to severity and dysfuntion of bowel and pelvic floor, sphincter and neural control. Therapy is also outlined. Importance is(More)
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