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—Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services over the Internet. As promising as it is, this paradigm also brings forth many new challenges for data security and access control when users outsource sensitive data for sharing on cloud servers, which are not within the same(More)
In this paper a novel radial stub feeding microstrip bow-tie antenna is designed to operate between C and X band and its performance characterization is presented. This antenna is having simple structure and topology over other stub loaded antennas. In addition the proposed antenna adjusts to the desired frequency easily. Antenna output parameters like(More)
— Cloud computing is making it possible to separate the process of building an infrastructure for service provisioning from the business of providing end user services. Today, such infrastructures are normally provided in large data centres and the applications are executed remotely from the users. One reason for this is that cloud computing requires a(More)
1 Watermarking is the supreme chance from many reasearches around the world.It is the process of stagenography or embedding process.Digital watermarks can be used by a lot of applications like:copyright protection, data security, and data hiding and conveys other information etc.The Watermarking project security is improved by facial signature(More)
Embedding small devices into everyday objects like toasters and coffee mugs creates a wireless network of objects. These embedded devices can contain a description of the underlying objects, or other user defined information. In this paper, we present a search engine for physical objects. A user can query to find a particular mobile object, or a list of(More)
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