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The influence of macronutrient content of a meal on postprandial fatty acid oxidation was investigated in 13 Caucasian males after consumption of a high-fat (HF) breakfast (33% carbohydrate, 52% fat, 15% protein) and after an equicaloric high-carbohydrate (HC) breakfast (78% carbohydrate, 6% fat, 15% protein). The HF breakfast contained short- and(More)
The lack of equivalence between computerized and pencil-and-paper administration in measures of negative affect have been attributed to variance created by negative affect towards computers or computer anxiety (CA). In the current study, paper baseline computer anxiety and state/trait anxiety measures were obtained from 51 first-year psychology(More)
Spence Children's Anxiety Scale (SCAS) is one of the most commonly used self-report questionnaires to measure symptoms of anxiety disorders in adolescents. Despite its common use, studies that examine the psychometric properties of SCAS in Pakistan is lacking. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the Urdu(More)
BACKGROUND Since depression often has its onset during adolescence, knowledge about adolescents' ability to recognize depression and their beliefs about preventative strategies, treatments, and causes of depression are of importance. METHODS A total of 1984 adolescents, aged 12-17 years, participated in this study. They were recruited from 16 urban and(More)
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