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All optical networks together with Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology are capable of offering very high bandwidth for long-haul backbone networks. The problem of global optimization of all-optical backbone networks is not addressed in the literature. In this paper, we present a cut-saturation based simulated annealing algorithm, which is capable of(More)
In this work mass loading sensitivity of a Sezawa wave mode based surface acoustic wave (SAW) device is investigated through finite element method (FEM) simulation and the prospects of these devices to function as highly sensitive SAW sensors is reported. A ZnO/Si layered SAW resonator is considered for the simulation study. Initially the occurrence of(More)
This paper introduces Aurora, a .NET based software framework targeted towards dimensioning and analyzing all-optical networks. Aurora includes many easy to use features and provides a robust plug-in framework for extending its functionality. It allows for implementing different traffic grooming techniques and analyzes their impacts on the overall network(More)
Conservation of energy has become a major concern at present. In this regard, reducing the power consumption of the Internet has also become an issue of increasing importance. This paper investigates the power consumption of an optical circuit switched network, which is expected to be the major building block of the backbone architecture of the next(More)
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