R Pariente

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Isoflurane has been shown to depress skeletal muscle force in vitro, but data are not available regarding the effects of isoflurane on diaphragmatic muscle function in vivo. To answer this question, 15 rats anesthetized with pentobarbital and mechanically ventilated were studied. They were divided into three groups of five animals each, according to the(More)
The effects of halothane administration on diaphragm and tibialis anterior (TA) muscle were investigated in 30 anesthetized mechanically ventilated rats. Diaphragmatic strength was assessed in 17 rats by measuring the abdominal pressure (Pab) generated during supramaximal stimulation of the intramuscular phrenic nerve endings at frequencies of 0.5, 30, and(More)
The effects of phrenic nerve cooling at 0 degrees C on the nerve and diaphragmatic function were evaluated in dogs. Eleven dogs, anesthetized and mechanically ventilated, were studied. Left diaphragmatic function was assessed by recording the transdiaphragmatic pressure (Pdi) generated during electrical stimulation of the left phrenic nerve at different(More)
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