R. Parameswari

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Spices were some of the most valuable items of trade in the ancient and medieval world. Herbalist and folk practitioners have used plant remedies for centuries, but only recently have scientist begun to study the powers of common herbs and spices. In the current set-up, the anti-proliferative, anti-hypercholesterolemic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory(More)
In this paper we define Total Bimagic labeling and Total Magic Cordial labeling fordigraphs, and we prove the same for the small class of digraphs called Paley digraphs with q vertices and p set of edges where q 3 mod 4 and p = (q-1/2) admits and Total Magic Cordiallabeling Total Bimagic labeling. A digraph G is said to have a total magic cordial (TMC)(More)
In this paper we prove that a small class of digraph called Paley digraph with q vertices and pq edges where q is a prime number congruent to 3 (mod4) and p = q -1 / 2 admits Z<sub>3</sub> product magic labeling. A digraph G(p, q) is said to admit Z<sub>3</sub>-product magic labeling if there exists a function f from E onto the set {1, 2} such that the(More)
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