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This paper presents a method for design of two dimensional (2-D) recursive filters using bacteria foraging optimization (BFO) technique. The design of 2-D recursive filter is considered as a constrained optimization problem. The solution is obtained through the convergence of a biased random search using BFO. With the help of numerical illustrations, we(More)
In this paper direct design of generalized B-spline filters has been presented. It has been shown how to choose filter parameters to meet the desired specifications. These filters exhibit maximally flat magnitude response and low side lobe energy as compared to Kaiser Window filter. Also a new type of adaptive B-spline filter has been developed in this(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for LDA-based face recognition with selection of optimal principal components using E-coli Bacterial Foraging Strategy (EBFS). A GA-PCA algorithm has been reported to find optimal eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors in LDA. In their paper, a fitness function has been proposed to find the optimal eigenvectors to be(More)
In this paper, critical conditions in electric power systems are monitored by applying various neural networks. In order to accomplish the stated goal, the authors tried several combinations of Feed Forward Neural Network and Layer Recurrent Neural Networks by imparting appropriate training schemes through supervised learning in order to formulate a(More)
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