R. P. van Leeuwen

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In this paper, we develop and investigate the optimal control of a group of 104 heat pumps and a central Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP). The heat pumps supply space heating and domestic hot water to households. Each house has a buffer for domestic hot water and a floor heating system for space heating. Electricity for the heat pumps is generated by a(More)
For the Dutch smart grid demonstration project Meppelenergie, the effects of controlled thermal energy storage within the floor heating structure of a living room by a heat pump are investigated. Storage possibilities are constrained by room operative and floor temperatures. Simulations indicate limitations for floor heating storage due to absorption of(More)
For the new Meppel district Nieuwveense landen a hybrid energy concept is developed based on biogas cogeneration. The generated electricity is used to power domestic heat pumps which supply thermal energy for domestic hot water and space heating demand of households. In this paper we investigate scheduling of a group of heat pumps in order to minimize the(More)
Il s’agit, dans cette étude, d’analyser l’assimilation du modèle des Mille et une nuits par Jean Potocki dans le Manuscrit trouvé à Saragosse, de situer ce roman dans le courant de la réception des Nuits dans la littérature européenne et de montrer que l’intérêt de Potocki pour le grand recueil arabe, loin de résulter de quelque éphémère fantaisie, exprime(More)
According to Richard van Leeuwen, “the journey is one of the main metaphoric complexes in human culture” and perhaps “the main metaphorical reference in literatures all over the world” (2007: 1). Its status as one of the most fundamental and universal narrative models (Mikkonen 2007: 286; van Baak 1983: 77) is so prominent that, as Dean Duda suggests, the(More)
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