R. P. Yadav

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The change in entropy is calculated due to propagation of blast waves, produced by the explosion of spherical charge in sea water, using the energy hypothesis of Thomas. The release of energy is considered as instantaneous and the gravitation of earth is taken into account, assuming the earth to be a sphere of uniform density. For the sake of simplicity,(More)
High population density and unscientific land use practices have induced severe land degradation in the fragile Lower Himalayan ecosystem of India. Land cover management has been an effective strategy in managing land degradation through the reduction of water, soil and nutrient losses and improvement in soil fertility and quality. Acacia nilotica(More)
Adiabatic and isothermal propagations of spherical blast wave produced due to a nuclear explosion have been studied using the Energy hypothesis of Thomas, in the nonuniform atmosphere of the earth. The explosion is considered at different heights. Entropy production is also calculated along with the strength and velocity of the shock. In both the cases; for(More)
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