R. P. Tripathi

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This paper deals with economic ordering policies for deteriorating items with inflation dependent demand rate under permissible delay in payments by considering selling price is necessarily higher than purchasing cost. We obtain optimal cycle time and we show the total cost function is concave for both cases i.e. case I and case II. We then develop an(More)
This study presents an inventory model to determine an optimal ordering policy for non-deteriorating items and timedependent demand rate with delay in payments permitted by the supplier under inflation and time discounting. Mathematical models have been derived under two different situations, i.e. Case I: The permissible delay period is less than or equal(More)
In most of the classical inventory models the demand is considered as constant. In this paper the model has been framed to study the items whose demand and deterioration both are constant. The authors developed a model to determine an optimal order quantity by using calculus technique of maxima and minima. Thus, it helps a retailer to decide its optimal(More)
In this paper, we discuss the possible effects of a temporary price discount offered by a supplier on a retailer’s replenishment policy for timedependent deteriorating items with constant demand rate. The optimal ordered quantity of a special order policy for a selected case is obtained by maximizing the total cost saving between special and regular orders(More)
This study develops an inventory model for determining an optimal ordering policy for non-deteriorating items and time-dependent holding cost with delayed payments permitted by the supplier under inflation and time-discounting. The discounted cash flows approach is applied to study the problem analysis. Mathematical models have been derived under two(More)
In digital image different kinds of noises exist in an image and a variety of noise reduction techniques are available to perform de-noising. Selection of the de-noising algorithm depends on the types of noise. Gaussian noise, speckle noise, salt & pepper noise, shot noise are types of noises that are present in an image. The principle approach of image(More)
Large number of researcher papers has been published for inventory lotsize models under trade credit financing by assuming that demand rate is constant. But demand rate is often not constant. During the growth stage of the product life cycle, the demand function increases with time. In this paper we extend the constant demand to timedependent demand. This(More)
This paper develops an inventory model for non deteriorating items with time dependent demand rate of production with constant inflation rate. In this model shortages are not allowed, the effect of inflation rate and delay in payments are discussed. In the study mathematical models are also derived under two different cases, i.e. Case-I the credit period is(More)