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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies have been performed on 20 right handed volunteers at 1.5 Tesla using echo planar imaging (EPI) protocol. Index finger tapping invoked localized activation in the primary motor area. Consistent and highly reproducible activation in the primary motor area was observed in six different sessions of a(More)
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis(ADEM) is an uncommon inflammatory demyelinating disease involving central nervous system white matter. A series of seven cases seen over a period of one year have been described. The patients presented with acute onset of focal neurological deficit (3 patients), alteration of sensorium(3) and ataxia(1). CT scan showed(More)
Phantom limb phenomena during the post-operative period were studied in 72 amputees. All were right handed. Phantom limb was present in 86.1 per cent of the cases, significantly more commonly amputation of the right arm. Nearly half of the phantoms developed within the first 24 hours and another quarter in the next 24 hours, appearing earlier in lower limb(More)
Patients with hyperthyroidism may show impaired performance on several neuropsychological tests that require complex visual discrimination, conceptualization, mental flexibility or organization. These neurocognitive impairments appear to be consistent with prefrontal lobe dysfunction. This pilot study was undertaken to characterize the metabolite profile in(More)
Psychiatric manifestations were studied in 72 amputees in the post-operative period. All were right handed. Besides phantom limb phenomena, which were observed in nearly four-fifths of the cases and are described in another paper, nearly two-thirds had psychiatric symptoms inthe form of depression (45 patients), anxiety (38), crying spells (38), insomnia(More)
This paper presents the economic ordering policies of time-dependent deteriorating items in presence of trade credit using of discounted cash-flows (DCF) approach. In inventory analysis a DCF approach permits a proper recognition of the financial implication of the opportunity cost and out-of-pocket cost. In the inventory model, shortages are not allowed.(More)
The metabolic changes in the brain of patients affected with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) alone, both Type 2 DM and hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism only were investigated using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((1)H MRS). Single-voxel spectroscopy was carried out in right and left frontal lobe white matter, left parietal white matter and left(More)
Ninety-nine consecutive patients with brachial plexus injuries were operated upon over a period of 8 1/2 years. Among them, 70% sustained traction injuries. The surgical procedures included neurolysis in 35, excision of a lateral neuroma in six and interfascicular sural nerve grafting in 27 patients. In 25 patients, after an exploration, no further surgical(More)
Region of interest based morphometric diffusion tensor imaging analysis, has been used extensively for the assessment of age-related changes in human brain, is limited to two dimensions and does not reflect the whole fiber bundle; however, diffusion tensor tractography (DTT) offers an overall view of individual fiber bundle in three-dimensional spaces.(More)
The nuclear arsenal and the use of nuclear technologies have enhanced the likelihood of whole-body/partial-body radiation exposure. The central nervous system is highly susceptible to even low doses of radiation. With the aim of detecting and monitoring the pathologic changes of radiation-induced damage in brain parenchyma, we used serial diffusion tensor(More)