R. P. Suresh

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Use of improved (biomass) cookstoves (ICs) has been widely proposed as a Black Carbon (BC) mitigation measure with significant climate and health benefits. ICs encompass a range of technologies, including natural draft (ND) stoves, which feature structural modifications to enhance air flow, and forced draft (FD) stoves, which additionally employ an external(More)
The acidic basic repeat antigen (ABRA) of Plasmodium falciparum is a potential vaccine candidate against erythrocytic stages of malaria. We report, for the first time, the immunological characteristics of recombinant ABRA constructs. The recombinant proteins representing different fragments of ABRA were expressed in Escherichia coli, either as fusions with(More)
We report the identification of global phase synchronization (GPS) in a linear array of unidirectionally coupled Mackey-Glass time-delay systems exhibiting highly non-phase-coherent chaotic attractors with complex topological structure. In particular, we show that the dynamical organization of all the coupled time-delay systems in the array to form GPS is(More)
We report the nature of transitions from the nonsynchronous to a complete synchronization (CS) state in arrays of time-delay systems, where the systems are coupled with instantaneous diffusive coupling. We demonstrate that the transition to CS occurs distinctly for different coupling configurations. In particular, for unidirectional coupling, locally(More)
Statistics is taught as a core course in the Management programmes leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) or an equivalent degree in various Universities and Management Institutes in India. As a part of this course, Probability Theory, and Probability distributions are covered. The students who are admitted to this course are drawn(More)
We study the effect of coupling delay in a regular network with a ring topology and in a more complex network with an all-to-all (global) topology in the presence of impurities (disorder). We find that the coupling delay is capable of inducing phase-coherent chaotic oscillations in both types of networks, thereby enhancing the spatiotemporal complexity even(More)
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