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Licopid is a synthetic analogue of a cell wall component of all bacteria. The monocytic macrophageal system is the main target of licopid's action. Addition of the immunomodulator to combined therapy for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in order to enhance phagocytic activity exerted a marked clinical effect appeared as ceased bacterial isolation in 80%(More)
The levels of immunoglobulins and other proteins (alpha 2-MG, alpha 1-AT, C3, albumin, transferrin and lactoferrin) were studied in the BAL of 60 patients with different types of pulmonary tuberculosis, 4 patients with sarcoidosis and 7 CNPD patients. The level of most proteins in BAL of the examinees was higher than that reported for healthy subjects. The(More)
In bronchial asthma alone and combined with active pulmonary tuberculosis there are marked shifts in immune system (diminished mature T-cell and suppressor subpopulation of T-lymphocytes) resulting in disordered immunoregulatory subpopulation relationships. Also, B-system immunity responded with hyperfunctional activity (increased count of B-lymphocytes and(More)
The purpose of the study was to reveal a package of criteria for the body's responsiveness in order to predict the course of a postoperative period in 25 patients with short-term pulmonary tuberculosis. The indices of the responsiveness were comparable with the specific features of a postoperative course. The study of the body's responsiveness prior to(More)
The paper presents evaluation of HLA-system functional activity in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and bronchial asthma by expression of class I and II antigens and beta2-microglobulin level in peripheral blood cell elements. Tuberculous patients had reduced production of beta2-microglobulin in the cell elements. Long-term chemotherapy aggravated the(More)
By means of scanning electron microscopy it has been stated that the thymus gland, spleen, paratracheal lymph node, Peyer's patches and appendix in an intact rabbit of "Shinshilla" strain have T- and B-lymphocytes in different proportion. T-lymphocytes are seen as spherical cells with rough surface, with a few microprocesses, have 3.0 +/- 0.1 mcm--4.7 +/-(More)
The authors studied the level of secretory Ig, activity of elastase and locally produced acid-resistant inhibitors (ARI) of proteinases in 63 new cases of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by nonspecific endobronchitis. Functional abnormality of the local defense systems (immune and inhibitory) was found in patients with purulent bronchial(More)
When levamisol was added to the antituberculosis therapy of rabbits with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis, intensive infiltration of the zone of lesions with polymorphonuclear cells and their accumulation in cavities, increased numbers of giant multinuclear cells, "macrophage" transformation of epithelioid cells were observed; the caverns had one-layer(More)