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Our objective was to determine whether the degree of variability associated with dermal microdialysis allows its practical application to determinations of bioequivalence of topically applied agents with a reasonable number of subjects. A statistical review of literature data was conducted to estimate the variances associated with subject-to-subject(More)
2 1 Preface These notes are based on Lectures delivered at the Saint Flour Summer School in July 1997. Accurate notes were taken by Dimitris Gatzouras, who also edited them. Revisions by David Levin and myself led to the current form of the notes. I hope that they are useful to probabilists and graduate students as an introduction to the subject; a more(More)
Interface Abstract BULLSEYE is a flexible, computer input device that operates by generating and analyzing the image of known ''props'' at 60 Hz to determine position, orientation, and user-controlled internal state variables. The compact device, containing both the camera and processing engine, has been built and fielded. This paper provides an overview of(More)
This study sought to define the anatomic variations of the radial side of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint and to assess the contributions of the radial structures to stability. In Part I, the radial side of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint was studied in 31 cadavers, showing that the extensor pollicis brevis insertion was variable. In Part II, 13(More)
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