R. P. Kucherenko

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Ultrastructure of neurones and synapses of the cortical associative area of dogs has been studied under conditions of experimental neuroses caused by prolonged informational loads with constant time deficit and high motivational signals significance. Analysis of subcellular reorganization of a number of neuronal and synaptic organelles showed the(More)
Electron microscopy of rats ultrathin sections from dorsal and central raphe nucleus and spinal cord after 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine intracisternal microinjection (200 micrograms) has revealed neurones and axonal terminals distruction, which associated with tail-flick hypoalgesia and blood pressure nociceptive reactions diminished. In this condition the(More)
Owing to the microscopical investigation, using selective neurotoxin 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine, it has been possible to reveal the serotoninergic system and targets of its innervation in the rat cerebral cortex motor area. The serotoninergic axonal varicosities and synaptic boutons are present in all layers of the neocortex. Their large amount is revealed in(More)
The results are outlined of a complex study of the ultrastructure of the rat cerebral cortex after learning and higher nervous activity disturbance. In the case of learning with preliminary stimulation with al-amphetamine or without it, the subcortical processes in the motor and auditory analysers of the cerebral cortex are characterized by sharp(More)
in Macca~a mulatta," Anat. Rec., 148, 256 (1964). Butkhuzi, S. M., "Electrophysiological data on interaction between the cerebral cortex and caudate nucleus," Zh. Vyssh. Nerv. Deyat., 15, No. 5, 1036 (1965). Carman, J. B., Cowan, W. M., and Powell, T. P. S., "The organization of cortico-striate connections in the rabbit," Brain, 86, 525 (1963). De Vito, J.(More)
The ultrastructure of nucleus raphe dorsalis (NRD) and specific reactions of its elements were studied with a selective neurotoxin 5,7-dioxytriptamine under conditions of a primary selective injury of the serotonergic system. In this nucleus there are two groups of nervous cells reacting to the neurotoxin. The serotonergic terminal buttons are found(More)