R. P. Johnson

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This paper reports the application of evolutionary computation in the automatic generation of a neural network architecture. It is a usual practice to use trial and error to find a suitable neural network architecture. This is not only time consuming but may not generate an optimal solution for a given problem. The use of evolutionary computation is a step(More)
Familial cerebellar ataxia with concurrent hydrocephalus has previously been described in a family of bull mastiff pups, and recently has been identified in a litter from Louisiana. The 4 affected pups had ataxia, hypermetria, conscious proprioceptive deficits, behavioral abnormalities, and a visual deficit. In magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of two(More)
Proton radiography has applications in patient alignment and verification procedures for proton beam radiation therapy. In this paper, we report an experiment which used 200 MeV protons to generate proton energy-loss and scattering radiographs of a hand phantom. The experiment used the first-generation proton computed tomography (CT) scanner prototype,(More)
Fine-grained programming is important to parallel computing because it covers up the unavoidable latency occuring in large systems. Data BLOCKINow computing, where small groups of instructions can be sequentialized into threads, is an extreme of the ne-grained or multi-threading approaches. Originally, data BLOCKINow programs were run on specialized(More)
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