R . P . H . Veth

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We treated 26 patients with 27 aneurysmal bone cysts by curettage and cryotherapy and evaluated local tumour control, complications and functional outcome. The mean follow-up time was 47 months (19 to 154). There was local recurrence in one patient. Two patients developed deep wound infections and one had a postoperative fracture. We compared our results(More)
In earlier studies, meniscal replacement with a porous polymer implant led to regeneration of neo-meniscal tissue. To evaluate the influence of the chemical properties on the tissue regeneration in the implant, in the present study, the meniscus in the dog's knee was replaced with either an aromatic 4,4-diphenylmethanediisocyanate based polyesterurethane(More)
We used a visual analog scale (VAS) to assess the satisfaction after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in a group of 108 patients (126 TKAs) with short-term to medium-term follow-up. We also used the Knee Society scoring system, Western Ontario and McMasters Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), pain VAS, and survival analysis. A comparison between the(More)
We performed a retrospective study of 38 patients with pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) to evaluate the treatment and functional results. The mean age of the patients was 32 (range 12–72) years at the time of treatment. Three types of PVNS have been identified: localized nodules in 9 patients, diffuse PVNS of the entire synovial membrane in 26, a(More)
Meniscus lesions are among the most frequent injuries in orthopaedic practice and they will inevitably lead to degeneration of the knee articular cartilage. The fibro-cartilage-like tissue of the meniscus is notorious for its limited regenerative capacity. Tissue engineering could offer new treatment modalities for repair of meniscus tears and eventually(More)
BACKGROUND Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare soft tissue sarcoma with a known high propensity for locoregional recurrence and distant metastases. The clinical behavior and prognostic factors that influence the survival of patients with epithelioid sarcoma were studied. METHODS Twenty-three patients, including 16 men (70%) and 7 women (30%), who were treated(More)
Between 1979 and 1989, we performed 36 primary total hip replacements in 31 rheumatoid arthritis patients with protrusio acetabuli. The deficient acetabulum was reconstructed with autologous morsellized bone grafts from the femoral head. 3 patients were lost to follow-up. 12 patients (13 hips) died within 8 years postoperatively, none had a revision. 16(More)
Fatigue has been mentioned as an important complaint in several groups of disease-free patients after curative treatment for cancer. However, it has never been investigated in a sample of patients who have been treated for a bone or soft tissue tumor in the past. In the current study, these patients participated. Measurement included posted questionnaires(More)
BACKGROUND Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABCs) are most often treated with intralesional surgery (curettage) and additional bone grafting. There is debate on whether or not to use adjuvant therapy to decrease the local recurrence rate. This study is done to assess the outcome of curettage and cryosurgery as a treatment of ABC. METHODS We analyzed 80 consecutive(More)
This study presents the clinical and radiological results of 62 consecutive acetabular revisions in 58 patients, at a mean of 16.5 years follow-up (15 to 20). The Kaplan-Meier survivorship for the cup with end-point revisions for any reason, was 79% at 15 years (95% confidence interval (CI); 67 to 91). Excluding two revisions for septic loosening at three(More)