R. P. Ghimire

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Climate warming is expected to increase the frequency of insect outbreaks in Boreal conifer forests. We evaluated how needle removal by the larvae of two diprionid sawfly species affects the composition and quantity of VOC emissions from Pinus sylvestris L. saplings. Feeding damage significantly increased the rate of localized VOC emissions from the damaged(More)
During their lifetime, conifer trees are exposed to numerous herbivorous insects. To protect themselves against pests, trees have developed a broad repertoire of protective mechanisms. Many of the plant’s defence reactions are activated upon an insect attack, and the underlying regulatory mechanisms are not entirely understood yet, in particular in conifer(More)
This paper deals with finite capacity single server queuing system with vacations. Vacation starts at rate if the system is empty. Also, the server takes another vacation if upon his arrival to the system, finds the system empty. Customers arrive in the system in Poisson fashion at rate 0  during vacation, faster rate f  during active service and slower(More)
Climate change in the boreal forests include, e.g., warming, increased tropospheric ozone concentration, higher nitrogen (N) deposition and increased risk of insect outbreaks. Climate change influences emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) affecting plant defense, communication and atmospheric feedbacks. We studied the effects of elevated(More)
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