R. P. Gasanov

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The problem of whether it is possible to culture epithelial cells from human skin was first posed more than 40 years ago [12]. In the subsequent time many methods have been suggested for studying the viability of human skin cells and skin cells from experimental animals in vitro, ranging from histological investigations to clinical transplantation [2, 4, 5,(More)
Solar ganglia taken from 64 subjects who died in different periods of burn disease: (shock, toxemia septico toxemia, and burn exhaustion) were pathomorphologically examined. The specific time course of changes in solar ganglia was established in various periods of the disease. Dystrophic changes, necrosis of individual neuron groups, and varices of(More)
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Epidermocytes obtained from human split-thickness skin were cultured in hypocalcium medium (ion calcium content was 0.14 mM). The half bottoms of culture plastic dishes were coated with collagen film before bringing cells in these dishes. It was proved that epidermocytes attach more quickly to collagen, than to plastic substratum, incorporate H3-thymidine(More)
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