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By immunoelectron microscopy the podocyte foot processes of the rat and human kidney have been shown to contain three major proteins of the contractile apparatus in muscle, i.e., actin, myosin, and the Z-line protein, alpha-actinin. Gel electrophoresis and immunoblot analysis of isolated glomeruli suggests that these proteins constitute an important part of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess and to formulate physically an irreducible set of irradiation parameters that could be relevant in the achieving reproducible light-induced effects in biological systems, both in vitro and in vivo. BACKGROUND DATA Light-tissue interaction studies focusing on the evaluation of irradiation thresholds are(More)
During use of i.v. solutions, particulate matter may be introduced into the patient. X-ray analyses have shown that the particulate matter consists mainly of glass from ampules, rubber from stoppers of infusion bottles, and plastic from infusion sets. A new method is introduced: scanning electron microscopy-SEM- in combination with energy-dispersive X-ray(More)
Cultured endothelial cells are shown to be induced in regard to permissiveness to human cytomegalovirus by temporary treatment postinfection with sodium butyrate (1–2mM). Drug-treated cells are demonstrated to exhibit expression of immediate early and early viral antigens, synthesis of viral DNA and viral structural glycoprotein B. Progeny virus could be(More)
When IV solutions are used, particulate matter may be introduced into the patient. Using X-ray studies we could demonstrate particulate matter consisting mainly of glass from ampules, rubber from rubber stoppers of infusion bottles, and plastic material from IV sets. With a recently introduced method of back-scatter pictures in scanning electron microscopy(More)
Red blood cells demonstrate a unique ability for repeated large deformation. Under the influence of a variety of agents, shapes other than the discocyte--e.g. stomatocytes or echinocytes--can be observed. Some radiographic agents induce shape changes from discocytic to echinocytic cells. Especially the echinocyte formation is associated with a(More)
Endothelial cells of the arterial vascular system and the heart contain straight actin filament bundles, of which there are few, if any, in the venous endothelium. Since stress fibre-containing endothelial cells within the vascular system tend to be located at sites exposed to particularly high shear stress of blood flow, we have investigated, in an(More)
A rheological in vitro system has been developed to study and quantify cellular adhesion under precisely defined external shear forces. The system is similar to a cone-and-plate viscosimeter. A rotating transparent cone produces both steady and pulsatile flow profiles on cultured cells. Direct visualization of cells by phase-contrast or fluorescence optics(More)
Recently developed versatile biodegradable polymeric biomaterial offer new therapeutic options in numerous medical fields. Biocompatibility is a crucial requirement for the biomedical application of biomaterials, including the sterilization of these materials with the use of accepted protocols. Ethylene-oxide (EO) and low-temperature plasma (LTP)(More)
The use of laser light in in vitro experiments on fibroblasts and osteoblasts and animal experiments has revealed similar thresholds the crossing of which is apparently necessary for achieving photobiological effects. Clinical observations suggested that such a threshold might apply to energy density, while further investigations seemed to indicate that a(More)