R.P.F. Hoefel

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  • R.P.F. Hoefel
  • CCNC 2006. 2006 3rd IEEE Consumer Communications…
  • 2006
A theoretical cross-layer model that allows assessing the goodput and delay of the IEEE 802.11a local area networks (WLANs) operating under saturated traffic conditions over block fading channels is developed. This model takes into account the distributed coordination function (DCF) request-to-send/clear-tosend (RTS/CTS) medium access control (MAC)(More)
We develop an analytical medium access control (MAC) and physical (PHY) cross-layer model to calculate the link budget and to estimate the cell coverage of IEEE distributed coordination function (DCF) 802.11 and enhanced distributed coordination function (EDCF) 802.11e wireless local area networks (WLANs). A comparison between numerical and simulation(More)
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