R. P. Chatterjee

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Actinomycosis is a rare chronic infectious disease caused primarily by Actinomyces israelli. Although they are normal inhabitants of the oral cavity, infection occurs when there is a breach in the mucosa allowing them access to the subcutaneous tissues. Poor oral hygiene, dental caries, recent dental extraction, oromaxillofacial trauma have been implicated(More)
Wireless communication is adding improvements in remote controlling techniques of vehicles or mobile robots day by day. From mission based AGVs to biologically inspired robots each area of robotic research is being enriched from time to time with the advent of Wi-Fi technologies like 1G, 2G, and 3G etc. This paper reflects a novel approach to control a(More)
The world has been suffering from many natural and man caused catastrophic disasters during the last decades, such as large-scale earthquakes and terrorist attacks. In such events, collapsing of houses and buildings in large areas is almost inevitable. The basic idea of designing a biologically inspired robot is to study its natural behavior with an(More)
— The snakes can adopt manifold gaits and its motion has the characteristics of catholicity, ground adaptability, scalability, stability and high efficiency. This motivates the designing of multi-link wheeled snake robot using the principal of differential friction and Active Cord Mechanism (ACM) to produce serpentine movement. This paper focuses on the(More)
Clear cell odontogenic carcinoma is a rare, aggressive neoplasm of the jaw with only 74 reported cases. It occurs predominantly in the mandibular anterior region during fifth to seventh decades of life. Clinically it manifests as intra-bony swelling with a variable degree of pain. Microscopically, it reveals nests of cells with clear cytoplasm in connective(More)
Myofibroma is a benign uncommon fibroblastic tumour originating from the soft tissue, bone and may affect both children and adults. Radiographically myofibroma presents as unilocular radiolucency. Histologically, typical biphasic cellular arrangement is noted. Immunohistochemical markers are useful for definitive diagnosis of this uncommon neoplasm. Here, a(More)
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