R. P. Channing Rodgers

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We investigated dissolved organic matter (DOM) metabolism by employing plug-flow biofilm reactors and ultra– high resolution mass spectrometry of DOM isolated by C 18 extraction in two forested stream ecosystems, a low DOM tropical stream sampled at baseflow and a higher DOM temperate stream sampled during a storm. On passage through the bioreactors, DOM(More)
Efficient management of locally installed software is a recurring central theme of system administration. We report here on an experimental merger of two previously independent systems: Redhat's RPM Package Manager (RPM), an open-source database-driven system developed by a major Linux vendor to manage software on a single host; and, an enhanced version of(More)
The International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) is a clinical classification containing 726 clinical concepts, available in over 20 languages, augmented by links to ICD-10 concepts. It is employed in clinical information systems in several European countries, Israel, Japan, and Australia. In translating ICPC, it has been challenging to manage the(More)
The Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has been split into widely separated facilities, leading to much time being spent traveling between facilities for meetings. We installed an open-source AccessGrid multi-media-conferencing system using (largely) consumer-grade equipment, connecting 6 sites at 5(More)