R-P Blum

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In situ band gap mapping of the V2O5(001) crystal surface revealed a reversible metal-to-insulator transition at 350-400 K, which occurs inhomogeneously across the surface and expands preferentially in the direction of the vanadyl (V=O) double rows. Supported by density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulations, the results are rationalized on the basis(More)
The Multi Aperture Scintillation Sensor (MASS) has become a widely employed device to measure the altitude distribution of atmospheric turbulence. An empirical study is reported which investigates the dependence of the MASS results on the knowledge of the instrumental parameters. Also the results of a side by side comparison of two MASS instruments are(More)
One of the main tools used in the TMT site testing campaign is the turbulence profiler MASS. We describe empirical investigations and a side by side comparison of two MASS systems which were performed in order to identify the accuracy of MASS turbulence data and its dependence on the instrument calibration. The accuracy of the total seeing delivered by the(More)
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