R P Ballestero

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Many neurotransmitters are known to regulate neuronal cell function by means of activation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) and phosphorylation of neuronal substrate proteins, including transcription factors and ion channels. Here, we have characterized the gene expression of two isoforms of a protein kinase inhibitor (PKI) specific for PKA in mouse(More)
Using data derived from peptide sequencing of p68/70, a protein doublet induced during optic nerve regeneration in goldfish, we have isolated cDNAs that encode RICH (regeneration-induced CNPase homolog) from a goldfish regenerating retina cDNA library. The predicted RICH protein comprises 411 amino acids, possesses a pI of 4.48, and shows significant(More)
Biochemical characterization of changes in gene expression that accompany optic nerve regeneration has led to the identification of proteins that may play key roles in the regeneration process. In this report, a cDNA encoding gRICH70, a novel isoform of the regeneration-induced gRICH68 protein, has been identified and characterized in goldfish. Both gRICH68(More)
We previously reported cloning of cDNAs encoding both components of a protein doublet induced during goldfish optic nerve regeneration. The predicted protein sequences showed significant homology with the mammalian 2',3'-cyclic-nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterases (CNPases). CNPases are well-established markers of mammalian myelin; hence, the cDNAs were(More)
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