R. P. Agarwal

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Finding multipath routes for Ad Hoc networks is a challenging task due to mobility of nodes. In this paper, we propose a cross-layer node disjoint multipath routing protocol AODV-MCPI. This routing protocol works in conjunction with MAC-CPI protocol at MAC layer. The protocol at MAC layer ensures that there are no collisions due to interference as every(More)
Due to the lack of efficient refresh techniques, current crawlers add unnecessary traffic to the already overloaded Internet. Frequency of visits to sites can be optimized by calculating refresh time dynamically. It helps in improving the effectiveness of the crawling system by efficiently managing the revisiting frequency of a website; and appropriate(More)
As the size of the web continues to grow, searching it for useful information has become increasingly difficult. Also study reports that sufficient of current internet traffic and bandwidth consumption are due to the web crawlers that retrieve pages for indexing by the different search engines. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the web, it becomes very(More)
The information on the WWW is available in various formats. The RDF and XML representation provides semantic knowledge about the document where as HTML markup only indicates the structure and layout of documents, but not the document semantics. The representation of the HTML document to semantic form can facilitate the extraction of knowledge from these(More)
Collisions due to interference signal are frequent in multi-hop wireless networks. Interference signal can be reduced below a threshold level if all parallel transmitter-receiver pairs maintain a minimum of " safe-distance " between them. A node observes a " significant " sudden increase or decrease in its received signal whenever another node within its "(More)
Clustering is a data mining technique for the analysis of data in various areas such as pattern recognition, image processing, information science, bioinformatics etc. Hierarchical clustering techniques form the clusters based on top-down and bottom-up approaches. Hierarchical agglomerative clustering is a bottom-up clustering method. Ant based clustering(More)
Contextual ontology helps in the knowledge-full indexing of documents, providing semantic structure to the document. The named entity and the associated keywords can be a clue to the contextual sense of the documents in the corpus. The proposed technique for the information retrieval creates the ecology of ontology which stores the ontological(More)