R. P. Agarwal

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Today Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for online application and software code has become a fundamental issue. A variety of prevention techniques have been developed for copyright protection of software codes or intellectual property rights or web application. But, unfortunately no single technique is currently strong enough to protect the software(More)
Voltage scaling has been often used for reducing power dissipation of CMOS driven interconnects. An undesired effect observed due to voltage scaling is increase in propagation delay. Thus a trade off lies between power dissipation and propagation delay with voltage scaling. However, voltage scaling can result in overall reduction of power delay product(More)
With the explosive growth of internet technology, many innovative web applications have been launched. For designing web applications Java has become a very popular programming language. Java bytecode technique makes it with high portability. However, it also poses large dangers to malicious users. Many techniques have been proposed for software copyright(More)
Recently, double-gate MOSFETs (DGMOSFETs) have been shown to be more optimal for ultra-low power circuit design due to the improved subthreshold slope and the reduced leakage current compared to bulk CMOS. However, DGMOSFETs for subthreshold circuit design have not been much explored in comparison to those for strong inversion-based design. In this paper,(More)
Asymmetric and independent gate features of DGMOSFETs are explored recently for nano scale applications. This paper investigates minimization of short channel effects based on the independent gate, gate-S/D under lap and asymmetric (in front and back gate oxide thickness, gate work functions and gate bias) features of DGMOSFETs. Novel analytical models for(More)