R Ortavant

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The intensity of negative feedback of androgens on hypothalamo-hypophyseal activity was compared in two groups of castrated rams under 8.00 or 16.00 h of daily illumination respectively following a conditioning period. In experiment I, two groups of 15 rams under each light photoperiod were slaughtered at different times after a 200 mg testosterone(More)
The influence of variations in the duration of light photoperiod on LH release has been studied in intact and castrated rams submitted to a 6 months "annual" light rhythm. Blood was collected once a month and the plasma LH levels were determined by radioimmunoassay. In intact rams, the LH level is decreased when the light photoperiod is increased, but as(More)
Using "skeleton" photoperiods with a primary photofraction of 3 hrs. 30 min. and secondary photofraction of 30 min. located at various intervals after the onset of darkness, the occurrence of a photoinducible phase in the androgenic function has been evidenced in the Ferret. This photo-inducible phase seems to be located around 12 hrs. after the onset of(More)
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