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Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is a tumor that has a very ominous prognosis, and is characteristic of people older than 60 years. Generally occurs as a neck lump of rapid growth rate, arousing compressive symptoms on nearby structures. We report the case of a 29-year-old patient who presented an anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. He was treated with surgery,(More)
A 39 year old patient diagnosed of severe aplastic anemia and treated with allogenic bone marrow transplantation and who presented chronic eosinophilic pneumonia eight months after the transplant is presented. The patient had no previous history of asthma or atopy. Conditioning was performed with cyclophosphamide and total body irradiation. Prophylaxis of(More)
A case of disseminated infection caused by Scedosporium inflatum is reported in a patient undergoing autologous bone marrow transplantation for acute myeloblastic leukemia. The fungus was isolated from a blood culture and necropsy studies showed a disseminated infection involving numerous organs. In vitro studies showed the isolate to be resistant to(More)
Ganglioneuroma is an exceptional benign tumour of the duodenum and only three cases have been described previously. We report the case of a 71-year-old male in whom this pathology was incidentally discovered, as it usually happens with this type of tumour. Within rare duodenal nonepithelial tumours, gangliocytic paraganglioma is a fairly well defined entity(More)
Factors affecting stage I epidermoid cancer of the lung were studied in a series of 29 patients treated only by surgery and followed up for ten years. A set of 13 variables with a possible influence on prognosis were investigated. The application of the Cox Univariate Analysis to the different variables showed the grade of cell differentiation and the(More)
Introduction Systemic amyloidosis is often associated with microscopic deposits in the thyroid gland (Kennedy, Thompson and Buchanan, 1974). Far less frequently the amyloid deposits are large enough to become palpable. When this occurs, there is usually clinical or biochemical evidence of hepatic or renal involvement (Kennedy et al., 1974). A case is(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the analgesic and anti-inflammatory value of sodium Naproxen in the treatment of otitis. DESIGN A prospective study. There were interventions, but no controls. There was not a random distribution of the sample. SITE. Outpatient clinics in a Santander hospital. PATIENTS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS Patients presenting symptoms of acute or(More)