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This double blind, parallel study compared flunisolide 2 X 25 mcg in each nostril twice daily, with placebo in the prophylaxis of nasal polyposis recurrence after surgery. The treatment lasted for 12 months. The study was conducted according to the recommendations of the Declaration of Helsinki, and the patients gave verbal consent to participate. The study(More)
A case of papillary-cystic variant of acinic-cell adenocarcinoma is described. The cytologic findings differed significantly from the classic features of this tumor with smears showing large monolayer sheets and small papillary groups, no acinic structures or naked tumor cell nuclei, sparse cell dissociation and many vacuolated cells.
A case of clear cell follicular adenoma of the thyroid is presented. The patient presented with a single, hyperactive nodule in the right lobe. The cytologic features include cellular smears with numerous disrupted cells and a granular background. The cytoplasm was abundant, pale grayblue vacuolated or granulated, but not clear. Thyreoglobulin was(More)
This article presents deaf people's possibilities of communication. There is a difference in communication skills between deaf people who were born hearing--and have learned a spoken language before the loss of hearing--and those who were born deaf. The later deafness is acquired, the better the individual's ability to communicate in a hearing society. Deaf(More)