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Skin biopsies from the mother of a classical case of the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome grew only wild type fibroblasts. This suggested that she is not a heterozygous carrier of the mutant X-linked structural gene which causes the syndrome, and that a fresh mutation caused the disorder in her son. Evidence of mosaicism was sought in skin fibroblasts, hair follicles,(More)
A case of type 1 (adult) Gaucher's disease with a late onset tapeto-retinal degeneration and an initially dopamine responsive extrapyramidal syndrome is described. The literature reporting neurological involvement in type 1 Gaucher's disease is reviewed, and it is concluded that the absence of symptoms and signs of nervous system involvement cannot be used(More)
A 30-year-old patient with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis was studied over a 6-year period. The clinical manifestations were cataracts, intellectual deterioration, ataxia, palatal and pharyngeal myoclonus, corticospinal tract damage and an electrophysiologically demonstrated sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral motor and sensory nerve conduction(More)
A survey of multiple sclerosis in the London Borough of Sutton, population 169,600, yielded 195 cases, giving an overall prevalence of 115/100,000. This is the third highest prevalence for a first survey of a geographical area in the United Kingdom, exceeded only by 127/100,000 in north east Scotland and 134/100,000 in Shetland. On the classification system(More)
Ten patients with varying degrees of hypothroid myopathy were studied clinically and by serial percutaneous needle muscle biopsies before and during treatment with L-thyroxine. The biochemical evidence of hypothyroidism was related to the severity of the myopathic and signs before treatment. The severity of myopathic symptoms before and during treatment(More)