R. O. McKeran

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A 30-year-old patient with cerebrotendinous xanothomatosis was studied over a 6-year period. The clinical manifestations were cataracts, intellectual deterioration, ataxia, palatal and pharyngeal myoclonus, corticospinal tract damage and an electrophysiologically demonstrated sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral motor and sensory nerve conduction(More)
Reverse phase prepared liposomes of defined composition (dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline, cholesterol and dipalmitoyl phosphatidic acid; 7:2:1; DPC) when injected intracerebrally in the rat produced no tissue damage beyond that of the penetrating wound, or altered behaviour pattern over 1 week of observation. The cerebral tissue response and behaviour of(More)
A case of type 1 (adult) Gaucher's disease with a late onset tapeto-retinal degeneration and an initially dopamine responsive extrapyramidal syndrome is described. The literature reporting neurological involvement in type 1 Gaucher's disease is reviewed, and it is concluded that the absence of symptoms and signs of nervous system involvement cannot be used(More)
A survey of multiple sclerosis in the London Borough of Sutton, population 169,600, yielded 195 cases, giving an overall prevalence of 115/100,000. This is the third highest prevalence for a first survey of a geographical area in the United Kingdom, exceeded only by 127/100,000 in north east Scotland and 134/100,000 in Shetland. On the classification system(More)
An increased prevalence of classical migraine was found in 30 female patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) compared with an age and sex-matched control group by means of a detailed questionnaire. No significant difference were found between the patients and controls, who had classical and common migraine or visual auras without headache, with(More)
Skin biopsies from the mother of a classical case of the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome grew only wild type fibroblasts. This suggested that she is not a heterozygous carrier of the mutant X-linked structural gene which causes the syndrome, and that a fresh mutation caused the disorder in her son. Evidence of mosaicism was sought in skin fibroblasts, hair follicles,(More)
After intravenous injection of therapeutic doses of bleomycin only small amounts could be measured in glioma tissue obtained at operation in patients with malignant gliomas and the drug was rapidly cleared from the blood (T1/2 = 2 hrs). Negatively charged liposomes injected through Ommaya reservoirs into the glioma tumour bed were tolerated without(More)