R O Burgdorf

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We report a patient with severe axial tardive dystonia who has had dramatic improvement for 4 years after treatment with the atypical antipsychotic drug clozapine (625 mg/day). Clozapine differs from conventional neuroleptics in that it has higher affinity for D1 and lower affinity for D2 dopamine receptors than do conventional antipsychotics, which are(More)
Fungal endophytes have been documented in almost all terrestrial plant groups. Although the endophyte infection syndrome in agronomic cultivars is well studied, relatively little work addresses questions of spatial ecology and fire effects on epichloae endophyte infection in native grasses, and none, to our knowledge, in sub-Saharan Africa. We sampled seven(More)
Extraneous DNA interferes with PCR studies of endophytic fungi. A procedure was developed with which to evaluate the removal of extraneous DNA. Wheat (Triticum aestivum) leaves were sprayed with Saccharomyces cerevisiae and then subjected to physical and chemical surface treatments. The fungal ITS1 products were amplified from whole tissue DNA extractions.(More)
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