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The binding of chylomicron remnants to rat liver membranes was investigated using radioiodinated lipoproteins. The specific activity of binding increased in parallel with increased enrichment in plasma membrane markers. The yield of receptor activity, however, decreased with enrichment. Accordingly, a partially purified plasma membrane preparation was used(More)
The regulation of lipoprotein assembly and secretion at a molecular level is incompletely understood. To begin to identify the determinants of apoprotein synthesis and distribution among lipoprotein classes, we have examined the effects of chylomicron remnants which deliver triglyceride and cholesterol, and beta very low density lipoprotein (beta VLDL),(More)
The ethinyl estradiol-induced lipoprotein receptor of rat liver was purified and characterized. Liver membranes were prepared from ethinyl estradiol-treated rats, solubilized, and subjected to DEAE chromatography. A fraction with a high specific activity for low density lipoprotein (LDL) binding was isolated and used to immunize mice. Hybridomas were(More)
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