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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of rheumatic heart disease and study the association of this disease to factor such as personal host and environment. DESIGN A cross sectional survey was carried out by a specially trained medical team. SETTING The study involved high risk school children aged 5-16 years from Binza-Kinshasa urban area and(More)
BACKGROUND In accordance with Baker's programming hypothesis, many studies have demonstrated a relationship between low birth weight (LBW) and high risk of hypertension in adulthood. The present study examines a possible association between LBW and the risk of a child having hypertension later in life. METHODS The study was a cross-sectional, semi-urban(More)
Multiple blood transfusions, intestinal parasites, and high iron needs during the growth period are all factors that influence iron status in African children. To determine their iron status and its association with these factors, we studied 72 homozygous sickle-cell patients in a steady state in Kinshasa. Iron status was determined by a combination of(More)
Patients with sickle cell anemia have been shown to present with a high prevalence of gallbladder disease. Relatively few data exist on the prevalence of gallbladder disease in Africans with autosomal recessive gene for sickle hemoglobin. To establish this relationship, we examined the 1-year incidence of gallbladder disease among 190 consecutive children(More)
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