R. Nelson

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OBJECTIVE Although the consequences of chronic fluid retention are well known, those of iatrogenic fluid retention that occurs during critical illness have not been fully determined. Therefore, we investigated the association between fluid balance and survival in a cohort of almost 16,000 individuals who survived an intensive care unit (ICU) stay in a(More)
SUMMARY We identified factors associated with oral bisphosphonate treatment in 50+-year-old female patients with a first fracture, osteoporosis diagnosis, or BMD < or =-2.5 in the Geisinger Health System electronic health record database. Treatment was positively associated with age, oral corticosteroids, and smoking, and negatively associated with body(More)
In this prospective controlled study, thirty-seven migraine and/or tension headache patients and thirty-seven age and sex matched controls were examined for evidence of musculoskeletal dysfunction in the neck. The examination consisted of clinical range of motion testing of neck rotation, sidebending, flexion and extension while in the sitting position. The(More)
The authors studied the effects of dexamethasone, 0.3 mg/kg/hr administered intravenously beginning 1 hour before injury, in adult cats with brain edema secondary to cold-induced cortical lesions. Edema was quantitatively measured in cortex, gyral white matter, and central (deep) white matter at 3, 24, 48, and 72 hours, with and without dexamethasone, by(More)