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Anomalous impurity redistribution after a laser irradiation process in group-IV elements has been reported in numerous papers. In this Letter, we correlate this still unexplained behavior with the peculiar bonding character of the liquid state of group-IV semiconductors. Analyzing the B-Si system in a wide range of experimental conditions we demonstrate(More)
A corner joint was investigated using finite element method. Since the geometry along the width of the corner joint is uniform and load does not change in that direction, the problem was assumed to be plane strain. In addition, it was assumed that the adherents (aluminum) and adhesive (epoxy resin) had linear properties. The joint was analysed under one(More)
The analysis results of flow induced stress field in a Francis turbine runner blade is presented. The geometrical model was reduced to one blade, due to the periodical symmetry of the runner. The pressure field obtained from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was applied as a mechanical load on the blade surface in the structural finite element analysis(More)
Pulsed Laser Thermal Annealing (LTA) of Silicon in the nanosecond regime has attracted a considerable attention regarding the activation process for nanodevices. Pulsed LTA with an Excimer laser is of a particular interest for the activation of dopants in shallow implanted layers such as the backside junction formation for 3D-integrated devices including(More)
The analysis of the stress-strain state which occurs in the wheel-railtrack assembly of the common mean of urban passenger transportation (tram) represents an issue of high interest due to the fact that the mentioned assembly is subjected to high level of wear resulting in high costs for maintenance and operation at optimum parameters. The high level of(More)
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