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We present a novel device for the characterisation of static magnetic fields through monitoring wavelength shifts of femtosecond inscribed fibre Bragg grating and micromachined slot, coated with Terfenol-D. The device was sensitive to static magnetic fields and can be used as a vectoral sensor for the detection of magnetic fields as low as 0.046 mT with a(More)
—Long period gratings (LPGs) were written into a D-shaped single-mode fiber. These LPGs were subjected to a range of curvatures, and it was found that as curvature increased, there was increasingly strong coupling to certain higher order cladding modes without the usual splitting of the LPGs stop-bands. A bend-induced stopband yielded a spectral sensitivity(More)
The behavior of a temperature self-compensating, fiber, long-period grating (LPG) device is studied. This device consists of a single 325-microm-period LPG recorded across two sections of single-mode B-Ge-codoped fiber--one section bare and the other coated with a 1-microm thickness of Ag. This structure generates two attenuation bands associated with the(More)
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