R. Nakashima

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This paper presents a method to classify scenes based on motion information. While they use object trajectories or optical flow field as motion information in previous work, we use the instantaneous motions of multiple objects in each image. In order to deal with variable number of objects in a scene, we use moment statistics as features. Our approach is(More)
In Japan, the import quarantine regulation against rabies has required from 2005 that dogs and cats should be inoculated with the rabies vaccine and that the neutralizing antibody titer should be confirmed to be at least 0.5 international units (IU)/ml. The fluorescent antibody virus neutralization (FAVN) test is used as an international standard method for(More)
The fluorescent antibody virus neutralization (FAVN) test, an international standard method for serological testing for rabies, has been adopted by many countries. However, some dog serum samples inhibit the formation of cell monolayers by BHK-21 cells used in the test, resulting in failures to determine antibody titers. This inhibition of cell monolayer(More)
In this study, the virucidal effect of a novel electrically charged disinfectant CAC-717 was investigated. CAC-717 is produced by applying an electric field to mineral water containing calcium hydrogen carbonate to generate mesoscopic crystals. Virus titration analysis showed a >3 log reduction of influenza A viruses after treatment with CAC-717 for 1 min(More)
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