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With the recent development of 3D display technologies, there is an increasing demand for realistic 3D video. However, efficient transmission and storage of depth data still presents a challenging task to the research community in these applications. Consequently a new method, called 3D Image Warping Based Depth Video Compression (IW-DVC) is proposed for(More)
Sink mobility has been utilized in numerous schemes to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Among the many ways of improving the performance of a WSN in terms of crucial metrics such as its lifetime and data latency, utilizing the mobility of some of the network components has been recently observed to be among the most promising.(More)
Communication is the field of rapid development from the recent past. The system that best utilize the novel performance qualities when combined comes with a tradeoff that must be subjugated to have an enhanced performance. This work mainly considers the integration of the bandwidth efficient M-ary QAM, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system and the(More)
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