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Estimates of population size and biomass of net plankton were made in two tropical fish ponds in relation to the ecological data over a period of one year. There was a wide spatial and seasonal variation of population size and biomass of net plankton in two ponds studied. Always predominant over zooplankton, phytoplankton demonstrated three distinct annual(More)
This paper presents the novel technique for maximumpower point tracking of photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion system. In order to obtain the maximum power extracted from the PV array, usually two parameters are considered, namely solar irradiation and temperature, most of the research work has been carried out by considering these two parameters. But in(More)
For the numerical evaluation of multiple integrals of analytic functions ofn complex variables, a (4 n +1)-point degree five non-product rule has been constructed discarding certain points from the set of 5 n nodes needed in the product layout based on the five point degree five rule due to Birkhoff and Young. An asymptotic error estimate for the casen=2(More)
The composites of La2=3Ca1=3MnO3:xSiO2 (0pxp0:40) have been synthesized by sol–gel technique to derive homogeneous nanocomposites. Si by virtue of its strong preference for tetrahedral site does not enter the perovskite lattice. The percolation threshold composition has been determined by resistivity measurements at around 90% volume fraction of LCMO. A(More)
A semi-empirical model applicable to the flow of blood and other particulate suspensions through narrow tubes has been developed. It envisages a central core of blood surrounded by a wall layer of reduced hematocrit. With the help of this model the wall layer thickness and extent of plug flow may be calculated using pressure drop, flow rate and hematocrit(More)
Nanocrystalline alpha-Al2O3 ceramic powders have been prepared from aqueous poly vinyl alcohol (PVA)-aluminum nitrate solution and jute (plant fiber). Soluble Al-ion-PVA solution formed a uniform coating on the surface of jute once it dried completely. Slow hydrolysis of aluminum ion with ammonium hydroxide deposited aluminum hydroxide on the jute surface.(More)
Research on systems described by the general term random lasers has been growing fast in the last few years. In a regular laser cavity, emitted photons reflected by the cavity mirrors travel back and forth through a homogeneous gain medium stimulating the emission of intense coherent radiation, the laser beam. It is highly surprising that similar effects,(More)
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