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Research Center for their interest, availability of measurements , and valuable discussions throughout the project. REFERENCES [l] S. h o m e y , " The application of numerical filtering to the solution ments, " J. Franklin Znst., vol. 279, Feb. 1965. of integral equations encountered in indirect sensing measure-[2] D. L. Phillips, " A technique for the(More)
ABRAMSON Information theory and coding BATTIN Astronautical guidance BLACHMAN Noise and its effect on communication BREMER Superconductive devices BROXMEYER Inertial navigation systems GELB AND VANDER VELDE Multiple-input describing functions and nonlinear system design GILL Introduction to the theory of finite-state machines HANCOCK AND WINTZ Signal(More)
Tomographic reconstruction has ordinarily assumed that the measurement data can be regarded as line integrals, but the finite width of the X-ray beam invalidates this assumption. The data can however be expressed in the form of integrals over a strip rather than a line. The strip integral kernel is calculated allowing for extended source and detector, as(More)
DNA's double helix, the sunspot cycle and the sawtooth signals of electronics can be reduced mathematically to a series of undulating curves. This idea underlies a powerful analytical tool T o calcu1ate a transform, just listen. The ear automatically performs the calcu1ation, which the intellect can execute only after years of mathematical education. The(More)
Numerical computation of transforms is now widely practiced in science and industry and has been revolutionized by the development of fast transforms that make feasible computing projects that once could not be contemplated. The article discusses the significance of transforms in numerical work, defines the modern forms of several common transforms and(More)
X-ray measurements made by scanning in a plane, in successive position angles, involve a degradation (smoothing, or blurring) associated with the nonzero width of the strip occupied by the X-ray beam. The collimating holes that define the X-ray beam cannot be made indefinitely small without increasing the X-ray source power indefinitely. However, making a(More)